The goal of the MEAL DPro initiative is to improve the effectiveness and impact of development and humanitarian relief organizations by improving the capacity of staff in the practice of MEAL.


The MEAL sector is broad and diverse with hundreds of organizations practicing their own MEAL systems and processes.  Furthermore, there are many organizations and websites that provide training and resources in MEAL, leading to a sometimes overwhelming universe of possibilities and options.


The MEAL DPro aims to establish an pragmatic, easy-to-follow and understandable set of basic steps for designing and implementing MEAL systems. The content is based on the latest resources and thinking in the international relief and development community.  MEAL DPro materials are freely available to all learners, development and relief organizations and training providers based on an open-source Creative Commons license. Deliverables include:


The Guide to the MEAL DPro – A contextualized body of knowledge on MEAL system design and implementation suitable for all project actors.


The MEAL DPro Certification Exam


The MEAL DPro Starter site


MEAL DPro self-led eLearning modules


MEAL DPro facilitated on-line courses


The MEAL DPro provides a sector-wide MEAL standard for all project actors working in development and relief organizations. However, a special priority is focused on addressing the capacity building needs of national and local NGOs.