THEORY OF CHANGE: I want to model how change is expected to happen

RESULTS FRAMEWORK AND LOGFRAME: I want to model how my project will achieve its objectives and measure progress

INDICATORS: I want a measure to track progress, reflect change and assess project performance

MEASUREMENT METHODS: I want to identify how data will be gathered to measure project progress

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN: I want a detailed MEAL planning tool

EVALUATION PLANS: I want to plan for systematic assessment of an ongoing or completed project

COMMUNICATION PLANS: I want a tool that helps me meet my stakeholder information needs

FEEDBACK-AND-RESPONSE MECHANISMS: I want to gather and respond to feedback from stakeholders

LEARNING PLANS: I want to plan processes that help me make smarter decisions and adjust my projects to new and changed contexts

QUANTITATIVE DATA COLLECTION TOOLS: I want to collect data that can be counted and subjected to statistical analysis

QUALITATIVE DATA COLLECTION TOOLS: I want to collect data that track changes in attitudes and perceptions in participants' own words

SAMPLING: I want to study a subset of the population in order to understand the population a whole

DATA ANALYSIS, VISUALIZATION AND INTERPRETATION: I want to bring order to data, communicate it in a visual format, and attach meaning to the data

The MEAL DPro Model

Find out about why strong Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) are critical to project success.

The MEAL DPro Starter is a collection of tools that can support teams as they learn and employ MEAL in projects.

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